About TB

Our Story

TB means "ThoroughBred", the Til' Infinity" stands for unlimited and infinite. Thorough a term commonly used in the childhood of our (CEO) Anehru Hamadu Jr. He learned at an early age what it meant to be authentic, forthcoming, and Thorough in all aspects of life. At Pikesville High School, Anehru met Brahema Molubah (CPO), Eric Winn (COO). Like minded individuals who would all attend Towson University. Through brotherhood we formed the brand as a movement, and then in 2020 post graduation we officially became an LLC.

Within and outside of the Brand we have various roles to execute business function and community engagement: (Explained Below)

Anehru Hamadu Jr (Chief Executive Officer) - Within TB, Anehru handles the community, financial, global, and structural needs of the brand. Outside of TB, Anehru works as a Financial Advisor for a reputable financial firm.

Brahema Molubah (Chief Product Officer) - Within TB, Brahema helps with product and idea sourcing (specifically community initiatives). Outside of TB, Brahema is a Child Welfare Social Worker and founded the non-profit Our Youth Our Future.

Eric Winn (Chief Operations Officer) - Within TB, Eric executes design and visual creations. Outside of TB, Eric works in Human Resources.